A note about copyright: I have included a page listing my sources. Large portions of the text of this website are direct transcriptions from the originals and are too numerous to annotate individually. This material has been transcribed simply as an aide-mémoire for my own personal notes, in an attempt to avoid opinion and to remain scientifically accurate.

This WORDPRESS© site arose from a web-design project for which I needed material and the ‘History of Science’ notes served that purpose. I make no claim to originality and have simply compiled the notes that I made from the cited sources into a different format, none of the words are my own. Some sources will be more evident than others and the interested reader may easily spot where certain authors’ materials have been transcribed, often verbatim. I am attempting to contact the original publishers where appropriate to request release for use on this non-commercial website. My aim is to offer a background for the student of science and history to use as a reference for further study – to place their own more in-depth research in context, whilst I learn how to design and develop a website.

Thank-You to all the authors whose work I have plundered, your publications are listed and where possible I have added relevant links. Apologies if you feel that there is not sufficient recognition of your original work – I repeat that I make no claim to be an author.

Similarly, the photos and illustrations are not mine. I have tried wherever possible to ensure that the images that I have used for purely illustrative purposes are in the public domain. If you hold the copyright to any material that I have posted inadvertently, and you require that it is removed from my site, then please contact me and I shall immediately comply with your requirements.

I hope that you enjoy visiting the site and that you will allow the material to remain as it now exists without drastic revision. My intention is to offer an entertaining and informative resource. geoff neilsen March 2016.


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